Summer 2020

Wednesday July 1

Exciting Chutz breakout happened today at 12:00 noon EST!! The individual challenge today is that every chanich/a should get his/her Chutz bag out of the care package and set up his/her Chutz site and send in a video of how it looks in your backyard! See Danielle (one of the Roshei Eidah Alef) and Mim (one of the Roshei Eidah Gimmel) explain more and go through the Chutz bag with you!

The other special challenges today include:

For the bunk – take the first letter of each camper’s name and scramble it until you have a word! Watch some tzevet do an example by clicking on the link.

For the family – line everyone up and film the family eating unfurled fruit-by-the-foot with hands behind your backs!! Click on the link to watch how it’s done (hint: watch Aryeh in the video) …and how it’s not done! (hint: watch Shalhevet) Ha!

All those who complete the challenges will receive points and their name/bunk name/family name go up on the leaderboards on the Indoor World website! Speaking of names  – Congrats to Yehoshua Davies for winning the “301 raffle” last night. Each night at 7:00 pm EST there is a 301 shiur – 5 minutes and 1 second of Torah – and all who come receive points and one lucky winner is chosen from a raffle of all who participate!

Check out all the Torah for your children under the Beit Midrash tab on the website. There have been over 200 hours of content uploaded so far…and that is just in 3 days!! The videos on the webiste have over 14,000 views and our instagram has close to 700 followers! Your children are really enjoying connecting to camp and having fun with their friends, hadracha and tzevet.

Today’s chugim, throughout the afternoon, included a guitar lesson from Yakov Fleschmann, some more cooking with Baby Bach, a lesson in sign language, a girls’ zumba class, watching Justin in the Village’s blacksmith shop and much much more! Which ones did your children join and enjoy?

Today’s shiur, for those chanichim who signed up for a daily chavruta (kol haKavod to them!!) continued the topic of famine. They studied psukim from Megillat Rut and Sefer Dvarim, and they spoke about the responsibility we have towards our communities in times of scarcity.  We can’t only think about what’s the best thing for us, we also have to consider how we can help, especially if we have more than other people. But, how DO we balance our needs and the needs of those around us?  How much do we have to be willing to GIVE UP to help others? Ask your child(ren) how the conversation/learning went and continue it over dinner with the family.

Torah videos today – our lightning rounds – are from yours truly, Bracha the Blogger, and Rabbi Chaim Jachter from TABC (Yakov’s favorite high school teacher) and Rabbi of Sha’arei Orah in Teaneck. Enjoy the 6 videos that have been uploaded so far this week. Two new ones each day – all from teachers and Rabbis who are family, friends and fans of Camp Stone.

Tonight’s tzevet shiur at 9:00 pm – for all tzevet and parents – will be given by Dr. Tammy Jacobowitz, faculty at SAR and part of Camp Stone’s summer Beit Midrash staff. Her topic will be “Moshe’s Tightrope Challenge: The Final Act” Click here for the zoom link to join the shiur at 9:00 pm or find it on the website, in the schedule of this week’s shiurim (under the Beit Midrash–tzevet tab).

Another fun morning show today by Aliza and Josh – including an interview with our very own EMT, Moses Bibi. Hear it from the archives and listen each morning live at 9:45 am after tefillah (reminder shiur mishnayot is pre-tefillah, at 8:30 am). Get a taste of the camp schedule!

One more thing: in camp, we have a tradition for the younger bunks – the tzevet member on shimra (night watch) tells a story to the campers as they settle down and try to fall asleep. This custom is alive and well in Indoor World. A bedtime story is told each night and you can listen here to last night’s story from Gila Gordon. She recounts her Machal adventure from 4 years ago! Play it for your children as they go to sleep.

Enjoy your Chutz!! Make some smores, enjoy star-gazing, and then sleep in sleeping bags (even if it has to be back in the house, on the living room floor) Layla Tov  🙂

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