~ Family League ~

League Rules:

Challenges: Every day a new challenge will be posted after the morning show. Unless otherwise specified, all challenges are worth 100 points. All challenges must be completed with your family! Points will be awarded on completing the challenge, creativity, and how much we enjoyed your submission! 

See below for prizes! 

Ready to Submit?

When you’re ready to upload your Challenge file, click this button and upload your file.

~ Current Standings ~

First Place

A full set of Amish clothing made for your family by our very own Amish community here at camp. Hats included of course.

Second Place

A set of matching Stonewear of your choice for your family!

Third Place

A customizable piece of glass made for you by our very own glassblower, Rich.

~ Leaderboard ~

Family League

1Smolensky Family940
2Kelman Family870
3Warsawsky Family780
4Peiper Family760
5Frenkel Family760
6Samet Family740
7Graber Family720
8Greene Family480
9Aryeh Family400
10Shiller Family310

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