~ Bunk League ~

League Rules!

Challenges: Different bunk challenges will be uploaded throughout the course of Indoor World. Each bunk can submit challenges to earn points! Each challenge will have a preassigned point value for completion and submission as well as a creativity factor. How you do the task, and how much fun we have watching it will contribute to your score!

See below for prizes and current rankings! 

Ready to Submit?

When you’re ready to upload your Challenge file, click this button and upload your file.

~ Current Standings ~

First Place

Design your own piece of Stonewear! Any item of clothing, any logo. We will make them and send them to you!

Second Place

Design your own stone bracelet for your bunk and we will make them and send them to you!

Third Place

Bunk Zoom call with Yakov and Estee where you can convince them to give you stuff.

~ Leaderboard ~

Bunk League

1Bunk Purple Bunk HouseDaled853
2Bunk Burrito Blob FishBet820
5Bunk Perry the PeacowBet725
3Bunk Gimmel Girls Goat GangGimmel720
6Bunk Short PigeonGimmel673
4Bunk VAVasaursVav625
7Bunk Friendly's Bug JuiceDaled420
8Bunk VAVacadosVav410
9Bunk ArnavotBet370
10Bunk Awesome AlephsAlef345
11To be named laterVav330
12Bunk VAVengersVav320
13Bunk Dozen Donut ArmyAlef305
14Bunk Horak's BeardDaled290
15Bunk Rabbanit GertrudeGimmel250
16Bunk BETterBet245
17Bunk Mount'in AlefAlef220
19Bunk Perry the PlatypusBet200
20Bunk Majestic DawgzzzBet175
21Bunk Oogah Boogah Aleph GangstersAlef130
22Bunk Snacky MusketeersGimmel125
23Bunk Splash BrosGimmel125
24Bunk Name Censored by YesteeDaled120
25Bunk All Names Were TakenDaled120
26Bunk Sugar Cube GirlsAlef100