Summer 2020

~ Individual League ~

Challenges are now closed

League Rules:

Daily Challenges: Each day you can get points by submitting a video of yourself completing the daily challenge. The challenge will be posted every morning after our morning show, Boker Tov Sugar Grove is over. Once the challenge has been posted, you have until midnight eastern time to submit a video of yourself completing the daily challenge. The more creative your submission, the more points you will receive!  Daily challenges are scored out of 100 points.

Summer-Long Challenges: There will also be tasks that you can complete at any point during Indoor World to get points. This includes camp wide events, Beit Midrash events (which can be found here), and other things that we will post. Follow us on Instagram and the website to stay in the loop about these opportunities!

We will be posting the best submissions on our website and Instagram!  

See below for prizes!!!!!

~ Challenges ~

Ready to Submit?

When you’re ready to upload your Challenge file, click this button and upload your file.

~ Prizes ~

First Place

A gazebo in camp will be named after this camper. A plaque will be placed on the gazebo in camp to recognize this.

Second Place

Stonewear item of your choice signed by the Roshei Eidah, Roshei Moshava, Yakov, and Estee

Third Place

An assortment of 15 Camp Stone bracelets, including a "1 in 50" bracelet.

~ Leaderboard ~

Individual League

PlaceNameEidahCurrent Score
1Betzalel BrothDaled2651
2Tess PeiperBet2557
3Molly PeiperAlef2543
4Devora Ben-TorDaled2461
5Ayelet ShrageBet2146
6Elizabeth SegallVav2002
7Mayer FrenkelGimmel1714
8Micah FrenkelVav1640
9Aiden SmolenskyDaled1309
10Aviva WarsawskyDaled1299
11Akiva SunshineBet1155
12Natan AryehAlef1135
13Keter SametBet1108
14Tahara ReinherzDaled1006
15Benaya AryehBet984
16Mordechai SchwarzBet905
17Noah BernsteinBet870
18David FeldhamerBet845
19Ariella LitwackDaled844
20Sima ReinherzBet839
21Jacob GoldsteinBet836
22Naomi DoppeltGimmel793
23Abigail BernsteinGimmel572
24Adira BaitnerBet535
25Shoshana GreeneDaled499
26Jacob LipschutzBet497
27Joseph VanderwaldeDaled464
28Daniel EngelBet464
30Elisheva SunshineAlef410
31Revaya ShillerAlef381
32Benjamin RosenburgBet371
33Seth EngelAlef368
34Eliana LefkovitzAlef366
35Chanoch LovingerVav346
36Eliraz ShillerAlef345
37Raanan VanderwaldeGimmel339
39Nava FeldmanGimmel295
40Sarah LeonardVav291
41Katie KatzDaled288
42Ami DoppeltAlef240
43Maya DeutschAlef239
44Akiva LovingerVav225
45Hannah KatzBet208
46Amichai FeldmanVav185
47Rebecca SchubertDaled175
48Aviva Aryeh AryehAlef175
49Temma KirshbaumDaled173
50Ethan FrankelAlef153
51Sivan SpinnerAlef150
52Maayan SchneckBet150
53Ami GraberVav146
54Talia BraunBet142
55Neta TibergAlef135
56Avichai MeiselsBet130
57Avielle ShillerDaled117
58Caitlin AharonDaled105
59Batya ColemanVav105
60Lailie GreenbaumVav105
61Kayla SwedarskyAlef100
63Sophie KaplanVav95
64Liana LesserVav95
65Orly SpinnerVav90
66Meital ShillerDaled89
67Leora MahlerAlef85
68Noam FleischmannAlef85
69Liora LitwackVav83
70Amalya ZatmanDaled82
71Anna RudenskyDaled82
72Bina NewmanDaled80
73Levi PolyakovDaled80
74Gavriel SobelGimmel80
75Nathaniel RosenblumDaled78
76Simon AlbertDaled75
77Solomon HellersteinDaled75
78Tamar PadwaDaled75
79Yaacov ShumanDaled75
80Yitzchak RubinDaled75
81Isabelle PlattDaled75
82Yehoshua DaviesVav75
83Hirsch ColemanAlef75
84Lital BraunsteinAlef75
85Avi SteinGimmel75
86Avraham AbbettGimmel75
87Lev FishmanBet75
88Bella SchneiderAlef75
89Yael KaplowAlef70
90Nathan FleischmannVav60
91Gabi SchneiderBet60
92Eliora WinerAlef45
93Emma WelwarthAlef45
94Fiona GellerVav45
95Ziva FleischmannVav45
96Ori RommAlef45
97Ilan RommGimmel45
98Kira KrausBet30
99Matthew GreenbaumAlef30
100Max GrossmanBet30
101Nava BarenholtzBet30
102Noah WelwarthAlef30
103Benjamin RaykhmanVav30
104Samuel Davis-JacobsGimmel30
105Aviya NetanelVav30
106Eliana BergerAlef30
107Orli VanderWaldeAlef25
108Ayelet RosenblumDaled15
109David MelamedVav15
110Dov VanderWaldeAlef15
111Eitan SchwartzBet15
112Eli FretzinBet15
113Judeah KatzVav15
114Shulamith RAYKHMANAlef15
115Lavi TibergAlef15
116Adir JakobovitsDaled15
117Akiva ShapiroVav15
118Amital SarnaAlef15
119Arye WilliamsAlef15
120Daveed SarnaVav15
121Devora ShapiroGimmel15
122Doron ShapiroVav15
123Edan ZaghiAlef15
124Erez ZaghiBet15
125Hila ShillerGimmel15
126Moshe JacobsVav15
127Jonathan Linder15
128Mali Goldberg-KellmanBet15
129Brielle WeissmannVav15
130Amit ZoharDaled15
131Aviv ZoharBet15
132Noa Schlaff-PearlbergBet15

Registration for summer 2024 is now closed.
Please contact Randi Mashmoor with any questions at:

or 440-465-5486. Thank You!

All Meet the Director events have been postponed until further notice. Thank you.

Staff application opens on 11/17.

New camper application opens on 11/1. Returning campers can register now.

Available positions for Summer 2024 are very limited! Click on the button below to apply.

We are no longer accepting applications from current 11th graders.

For questions, please email:

Registration for summer 2023 is now closed. There are a few select spots remaining.
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About the Chanukah Raffle

Dear Camp Stone Community,

It is an incredible feeling to reconnect with everyone once again at the beginning of our 2021 camp season.

We are writing to you today, first and foremost, to express tremendous gratitude.

Hakarat HaTov, literally “recognizing the good”, is an important and fundamental principle in our community. We, at Camp Stone, want to express our Hakarat HaTov to everyone receiving this email for your unwavering support, especially this past summer. Whether you provided financial assistance through your donated tuition dollars, participated in Indoor World, or connected with the Camp Stone community in other ways, together we had an incredibly successful, albeit different, summer experience.

There is no substitute for being in Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania, and this summer, B’ezrat Hashem, we will be back at Camp Stone, in person, in full force.

To achieve that goal, we must continue to ensure the financial success of our home away from home that we all know and love so deeply. The logo on top, featuring the slogan “Stone. Forever.” also features a Ner Tamid, an “eternal flame.” The year 1969, etched into the logo, is the year camp was founded. Symbolically, the overall image represents the idea that Camp Stone began many years ago and must endure forever, always burning brightly, and always an integral part of our collective conscience.

On that note, we are excited to announce that our annual Chanukah Campaign will be a raffle taking place over all 8 nights of Chanukah with prizes for both campers and parents/alumni!!

Please go back to the web page  to purchase raffle tickets and help us achieve 100% participation from our entire camp community!

Looking forward to being in touch with all of you in the near future.


Yakov & Estee, Co-Directors