Summer 2020

~ Tzevet League ~

Challenges are now closed

League Rules:

Challenges: Challenges will be posted daily! They will often be the camper challenge, but with an additional twist for tzevet. They are going to be available after the morning show. Challenges will be scored out of 100 points unless otherwise specified. Good luck!

See below for prizes! 

~ Challenges ~

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~ Prizes ~

First Place

Ride in a limo to Midway next year! The Rosh Moshava gets on a yellow bus, and you get a limo!

Second Place

Kubota driving lessons next year

Third Place

Get out of Lina free card

Fourth Place

Lessons with Chris Black on the lawnmower​

Fifth Place

Name a horse in camp after you

Sixth Place

Your family can visit camp for a Shabbat next summer

Seventh Place

Night under the stars in the Planetarium. With popcorn.

Eighth Place

A box of camp papergoods shipped to you!

Ninth Place

A "Get me Starbucks now" card for use in camp next summer.

Tenth Place

Lunch with Lisa!

Eleventh Place

Guaranteed job next year in camp​

Twelfth Place

Lifetime supply of WOW butter

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Tzevet League

Come to closing ceremonies to find out final scores!