Summer 2020

~ Campers ~

Upload Beit Midrash Content for Points on the Leaderboard! [Deadline: 6PM EDT 7/12]

As part of the Daily Challenges, you have the opportunity to earn more points by attending some of the incredible content the Beit Midrash is sending out or submitting a video of your own!

5 points – do you know Asher Yatzar, Hamapil, Modim D’rabanan, all of the books in Tanach, or all of the Mesechtot in a Seder of Mishnah? Film yourself – eyes closed, and with no earbuds – reciting any of these and score five points for the leaderboard! [Note: Each of these challenges can only be completed once over the two weeks of Indoor World!]

10 points – can you recite for us any Mishnah in the six sedarim of Mishnayot? If so, you can score ten points for the leaderboard! Again, film yourself – eyes closed, and with no earbuds – and we’ll check it and award you the points! [Note: This challenge can be completed up to ten times over the course of Indoor World.]

15 points – come and join us every day at 8:30am for Shiur Mishnayot for hot chocolate and mishnayot and at 7pm for special 301s – five minutes and one second of Torah – and you’ll score 15 points for the leaderboard!

15 points – have a reflection on the prompts that we’ll be sending each day along with the Bei’urei Tefilah videos? You can score fifteen points every day for sending it in to us using the submission button on the Be’ur Tefillah page!

100 points – in Shiur Mishnayot we will be learning a Mishnah from Masechet Taanit every day, and giving a schedule to finish the Masechet separately. If you learn the entire Masechet along with us and submit the answers to the three questions we will be asking every day at the end of our live Shiur Mishnayot, not only will you be a guest of honor at our super-amazing siyum at the end of Indoor World, but you’ll also score one hundred points for the leaderboard! Use the submission button on the Shiur Mishnayot page.