Summer 2020

~ Shiur Mishnayot ~

Shiur Mishnayot is Doing a Siyum of Masechet Taanit 10:30 Aa EST on Sunday!!!

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Join us every day at 8:30am for hot chocolate and Mishnayot! Follow along with our limmud – learning – in Masechet Ta’anit by answering the questions at the end of the shi’ur and you can score points! Click here for the live ZOOM.

Questions of the day:


(1) Why does Rabbi Yehoshua not say Mashiv haRuach until Shemini Atzeret?
(2) What is Rabbi Meir’s opinion regarding veTein Tal uMatar and which Sefer does he quote to support it?
(3) Why does Rabban Gamliel not say Mashiv haRuach until the seventh of Marcheshvan?

(4) What would incite a fast on the seventeenth of Cheshvan?
(5) What is the difference between the fasts introduced in this and the previous Mishna?
(6) When is the fasting stopped if rain never falls?

(7) Which source from Tanach tells us that rain in the summer is a bad sign?

(1) What seems to be the true purpose of a public fast day, according to the Mishnah?
(2) What are the necessary qualities for a Chazan on a fast day?

Mishna 3) The 6 berachot added on the special fast days are mostly new to us and unique. Which ones are familiar to us from our davening and when do we say them?

Mishna 4a) What is the concluding bracha of bracha #5 for the 6 special brachot added on a fast day?
Mishna 4b) *Challenge* Each of the 6 brachot have a concluding phrase מי שענה את… when do we say a poem in our davening based on this phrase?

Mishnah 5) What did the Shaliach Tzibur not say that Rabbi Chalafta and Rabbi Chananya Ben Tradyon expected him to say?
Mishnah 6) Who is more strict, the Chachamim or Rabbi Yehoshua? Mishnah 7) Why may the guards cut their hair on Thursday?

Mishnah 8) are we allowed to fast the day before a happy day ( which we are not allowed to fast on) according to chachamim? And how about according to rabbi yose?
Mishnah 9) why do we not start a set of fasts on a Thursday? Explain.
Mishnah 10) what did the rabbis decree should be done on a Tisha ba’av that falls on a Friday?

PEREK GIMMEL Mishnah 1) What are the 2 signs of drought given in the mishna?
Mishnah 2) What is the Halakha if rain falls for the crops and trees but does not fill the cisterns?
Mishnah 3) What does this mishna teach us about the principle of ערבות, social responsibility?

Color War! 7/7:
Mishnah 4) what constituted a plague in a city according to this mishnah?
Mishnah 5) name three of the plagues that would cause neighboring cities to blow the shofar and fast
Mishnah 6) how much grain dries from the shidafon (plague of drying of crops) in the Mishnah?

Mishnah 7) Can we blow a shofar on shabbat in times of crisis? Why?
Mishnah 8) We all learnt the story of Honi Hameagel earlier in tochnit, but what halachic point does the mishnah attempt to prove by bringing his story?
Mishnah 9) What do we do if it rains on a fast day? According to Chachamim? according to Rabbi Eliezer?

Mishnah 1) On what occasions would a Kohen say Birkat Kohanim 4 times a day?

Mishnah 2) Why were the Ma’amadot instituted?
Mishnah 3)Which section of the Torah did they read during the Ma’amadot?
Mishnah 4)Who changes their mind in this mishnah?

Mishnah 5) What are the days that the family of Parosh ben Yehuda brought wood for the wood-offering in the beis hamikdash (hint- there are two)?
Mishnah 6) What are 3 of the travesties that occurred on the seventeenth of tevet?
Mishnah 7) What is the first sign of mourning that the mishna says we should do?

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