Summer 2020

Tuesday June 30

Happy Birthday to our fearless and tireless co-director Yakov Fleischmann!! May Hashem give you have many more healthy years of providing our children with meaningful, Zionist, inspiring, creative and exciting learning and fun!! Preferably in an “Outdoor World” 🙂

I will be putting hyperlinks in the blog from now on – so just click on the word that will take you right to the part of the website I am featuring/explaining!

Today’s shiur (under the tochnit tab on the website) began the topic we will be studying and discussing for the next three days – FAMINE. This is a challenge that most of us do not contend with nowadays, b”h, but in the “olden days”  famine was something people feared and had to survive. The chanichim learned a mishnah from Masechet Ta’anit about how Honi the Circle Drawer dealt with the crisis of a famine one year. They also learned some halachot from Rambam Hilchot Ta’anit. For more on this topic, join the early morning Shiur Mishnayot as they learn through Masechet Ta’anit.

Soooooo many chanichim joined in yesterday’s activities. The morning radio show, Boker Tov Sugar Grove, reported that yesterday brought 4,000 views to Indoor World. Everyone is having such a fun time with their camp friends and the most dedicated tzevet and hadracha!! 

The Chugim today were a huge hit once again. Chanichim made cake pops with our Tzevet Baby Bach, wrote and read creative writing pieces, learned accents from around the world, made kaleidoscopes, learned how to produce a “kululam” and even used a plunger!! These daily afternoon activities are really engaging the chanichim throughout the country and can be viewed online by anyone after! The schedule of Chugim is posted each day on the Indoor World opening page.

Remember each Eidah has an activity each night!! Zoom links are on the website under each Eidah.

Tonight’s tzevet shiur for everyone interested – tzevet at home, in Sugar Grove and all parents – is at 9:00 pm, given by Rav Adi Krohn, Rosh Beit Midrash for over 20 years and Rebbe at Orayta in the Old City, Jerusalem. Rav Adi’s topic for tonight is “May We Impose Halachik Observance on Others?” Zoom link on the site.

Check out the two new Torah videos posted today in our Lightning Rounds. We are excited to learn from Tuvy Miller and Rabbi Noah Cheses. Enjoy hearing their connection to Camp Stone and their Divrei Torah. Each day two-three new videos will be uploaded! These are 5-8 minute video divrei torah by Torah teachers who are family, friends and fans of Camp Stone.

Check out the Leaderboards and see which chanichim are racking up points, as they participate in activities and complete daily challenges – individual challenges, bunk challenges and family challenges. Join your kids for the fun of camp! You might be famous 🙂

Did your child receive her/his care package yet?? Remember when it arrives, they are not supposed to open the wrapped/closed parts. Just enjoy what is on top. They will be told when to the open the next part and which bag to open.

Two days in and the fun is just starting…more to come…lights out tonight at 11:00 🙂

p.s. no pressure, but some Indoor World parents are giving their children shekem each afternoon, like they usually receive in camp. Ask your children what they went for shekem tomorrow!

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