Summer 2020

Tuesday June 8

Happy Color War!! Check out all of the details on the Indoor World website. Click on the link!!

Hope you are enjoying watching the zany, creative and fun things your children are doing today 🙂 We all know it doesn’t matter who wins…but I hope your house has a winner tonight!!

Team Am Segulah and Yoshvei Tevel are battling it out today. Black and Red VS. Blue and Yellow!

The chanichim have endless challenges which present them with opportunities to earn points for their team!! And their attendance at all of the learning counts for a lot of point too – not just in the World to Come 🙂

Today’s Tochnit learning (is your child signed up for a chavruta?) was on the Enlightenment (part 3 of the unit) and focused on Ultra Orthodoxy, represented by the Chatam Sofer and Modern Orthodoxy, represented by Rav S.R. Hirsch.

Chugim today included cooking, zumba, drawing lessons and…Chug Plugah  (you are lucky if your kids joined that and learned some helpful hints to deal with things around the house!) as well as many other engaging, fun and sometimes just silly, activities.

The Torah videos that are new today were sent in by Rav Rick Shindelheim from Cleveland, OH and Rabbi Yechiel Morris from Detroit (from Estee’s hometown!!). They each have such beautiful messages for all of us and are full of pride and excitement when they speak about this summer’s amazing Indoor World online Stone experience.

Tomorrow you will hear all about the amazing program Machal has been doing this Summer.  Stay tuned…you will be impressed and inspired!

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