Summer 2020

Thursday July 2

We are reaching the end of Week 1 and have had over 46,000 views on our Indoor World website! The chanichim are having so much fun and participating in everything from early morning mishnayot, tefilah and learning to three afternoon chugim activities, bunk time and night tochnit and crazy challenges to keep them busy the rest of the time! The Chutz was a huge success. We received pictures of chanichim in the backyards, sleeping in tents and cooking food! Great job!! Kol haKavod to all the families who really got into it 🙂

Now it is time to get ready for Shabbat!! Did everyone see the Shabbat schedule and open their shabbat packets from the care package? The Kedusha begins tonight at 7:30 EDT with “Slow Shira” – a favorite time in camp, for many many chanichim and tzevet. Request songs you want to sing on the Indoor World instagram. The programming will continue with Kabbalat Shabbat tomorrow, Havdalah Motzei Shabbat and lots of Parsha materials for your family’s Shabbat table! (Fridays in camp are a huge clean up day – feel free to encourage that at home! ha!)

Today’s tochnit (the learning in chavruta and theme for the day) was seeing famine as a catalyst for change in our nation and the greater global community and the way we relate to nature during difficult times.

Today’s chugim included a jeopardy-style trivia game, paper-airplane making, exercise, book club, pita-making live from the village’s brick oven and cooking in the kitchen plus another 7 activities!

Congrats and a big shout-out to Mordechai Schwartz, winner of last night’s 301 raffle!

Tonight’s shiur for tzevet and parents around the world is at 9:30 pm EDT, after slow shira, and will be given by Rabbi Nati Helfgot, from Teaneck’s Netivot Shalom . His topic is: “Of Rabbis in Caves: R. Shimon Bar Yohai and Living Life” The Zoom link is See you there!

Lightning Round videos today, with 5-8 minutes of Torah, are from two Torah teachers who are also mothers of Stoners: Rabbanit Sally Mayer from Midreshet Lindenbaum and Mrs. Ariella Nadel from Farber Hebrew Day School in Detroit. Mrs. Nadel shares an amazing (and unbelievable) fun-fact at the beginning of her video about the cumulative number of summers her children have spent in Machane Stone 🙂

Shabbat will not be the same for Sugar Grove, PA this weekend…but for anyone wondering, the beautiful sunset there will be at 8:56 pm EDT – we will have “early shabbat” with Kabbalat Shabbat at 6:45 pm EDT. Enjoy the beautiful songs and energy – get up and sing!! If your children close their eyes, they will be back in our Indoor Beit Knesset, dressed in blue and white, holding hands with their bunkmates and joining their voices with the 800 others. Ki B’nafshenu Hu, Machane Stone!

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