Summer 2020

Thurs July 9 / 17 Tammuz

Today’s fast day commemorates the beginning of the end for the Beit haMikdash – the babylonians and later the Romans broke through the walls of Jerusalem on their way to the Temple Mount. We fast during the daylight hours and think about ways to do teshuva and bring the Beit haMikdash back and G-d’s presence (Shechinah) closer once again.

Tefillah this morning included Machal chanichim presenting some slichot we say on this day – poem-tefillot mourning and asking for mercy. They explained these special prayers and were able to be creative and give their interpretation. We were so glad we were able to hold on to some of what Machal normally brings to our programming on this day. Thank you shevet sinai!!

Special shiur for tzevet and parents at noon today was given by haRav Moshe Lichtenstein from Yeshivat Har Etzion. Almost 100 people joined live for this shiur!! Please click here and watch the video when it is uploaded shortly.

Each bunk will have some bunk time today and watch a movie that relates in some way to a thought-provoking discussion, connecting the chanichim with the day’s themes.

This afternoon there will be a virtual kotel tunnels tour – what a great way to connect to Yerushalayim and the feelings we all have when we think of what we are missing as we are, simultaneously, grateful for what we have!

At 8:15 pm the whole camp will gather to sing and hear a story – ending the fast together the way we always do!

May we merit to see Yerushalayim rebuilt fully, with all of Her people able to visit and daven to Hashem there!

Have an easy fast and meaningful day.

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