Summer 2020

Sunday July 5

Shavua Tov!!

You had a taste of the special Shabbat spirit with our livestreaming of slow Shira on Thursday, Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday and then havdalah on Motzei Shabbat. Enjoy those videos, if you missed it – just click on those links!!

Did you enjoy the Shabbat Parsha Packet that came in your special Indoor World care package? We hope it gave you and your family a chance to recreate and replicate some of the magic from Shabbat in Sugar Grove.

Friday’s Boker Tov Sugar Grove morning radio show interviewed Rav Adi Krohn who has been in camp every summer since 1996!! Check it out:)

Nikayon (clean up) was so impressive! So many chanichim cleaned their rooms and houses for Shabbat and showed the Roshei Moshava what they did. There were bunk winners as there always are…For the Banim: Bunk Short Pigeon and for Banot: a 3-way tie between Bunk GGGG, Bunk VAVasaurs and Bunk Rabbanit Gertrude! Kol haKavod to those Chanichim for giving it their all in Nikayon lichvod Shabbat.

And so…onto this week! Week #2 of Indoor World 2020! Time to open that care package and go DEEP down to the bottom (remove the other bags gently and put to the side) Do you see that weird bottom? Lift it up…Surprise!!

Look online for the latest individual, bunk and family challenges! Put yourself out there, be silly and have fun and you can be up on the leaderboards!

Today’s Tochnit learning is a continuation of the second crisis we are studying this summer, the Enlightenment and how that rationalist and scientific way of thinking changed the way Jews thought about their religion and values and Torah!

Today’s Chugim kept your children busy with activities such as learning magic tricks, cooking, baking (from Pat Bamelach in Efrat!), learning how to lein Tehillim, Zumba, Broadway amateur hour and chillin’ with Estee Fleischmann!! We hope your children took advantage of the fun! And night tochnit is always so fun – each eidah has something special coming their way!

New Torah videos are up and the tzevet shiur was given by yours truly 🙂 Enjoy all the Torah content from the many friends, family and fans of Camp Stone.

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