Summer 2020

Shir shel Yom | Mima’amakim

Idan Raichel is a secular Israeli artist who performed in Eurovision last year, and is known for incorporating music from all over the world into his songs. His song, MiMaamakim is translated as ‘From the Depths,’ and is about how Raichel calls out into the night when he is distressed. The title and some of the lyrics are similar to the 130th chapter of Tehillim (Psalms), a chapter that is commonly read by synagogues in times of difficulty.
What do you do in times of distress?

How do you see how this song is similar to Chapter 130 of Tehillim?

How are you inspired from existing tefillot or Jewish texts to help your davening? Tell us in the Be’ur Tefillah form!

Hebrew lyrics:
English Lyrics:

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