Summer 2020

Shemesh | Shir Shel Yom

Shemesh by Hanan ben Ari:

This song is written and performed in Hebrew by Hanan Ben Ari, a Religious Zionist singer in Israel.  The name of the song in English means ‘Sun’, and is describing how Ben Ari feels when he is empowered by his connection with God; like a sun that is shining for everyone and is positive, and by using light that has been passed down for generations.  In the song, Ben Ari thanks God for the path he has given him, by being a Jew and by helping spread God’s message of goodness and light.


Why do you think doing what God wants is compared to light in the song?

What do you think the ‘path’ that God has given the singer is?  Do you feel like God has given you a ‘path’ or way to make your life meaningful?

Ben Ari in the song is thanking God for this ‘path’ – what are you thankful to God for? Tell us on the Be’ur Tefillah form!

English lyric translation:

Hebrew lyrics:

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