Summer 2020

Monday June 29

This Indoor World should have been called Indoor Universe!! Have you checked out all the tabs on the website and calculated how many tzevet and hadracha members are volunteering their time to bring our children back to the fun, learning and inspiration that they experience every summer in camp?? Yasher Koach to everyone working hard on all aspects of this two-week program. There is so much happening each day, and I will use this blog to try and give you a sense of some of the activities.

Each and every day, tefilah is livestreamed over youtube, from the Outdoor Beit Knesset at 8:45 am…yes,  your children can daven with machane (the 45 staff there) and hear all their favorite songs and tunes.  But wait, before that, they can join Shiur Mishnayot (BYOHC – “bring your own hot cocoa”, of course) and learn mishnayot from Masechet Taanit. Many chanichim join this early-morning learning in camp each summer and 45 chanichim joined in from home this morning!! Amazing!! That was before tefilah! You can find Shiur Mishnayot under the “Beit Midrash” tab (under “campers”)

The chanichim who signed up to learn the shiur of the day with a chavruta will be learning about challenges to the Jewish community throughout our national history. Today, the first day of shiur, we focused on Shmitta  – a challenge the Torah itself gives us! Each 7th year, we must be ready to stop farming and yet still provide for our families and communities. How do we do that? Whose help do we need? How can we get through that challenge? Take a look at the sources and discussion questions under the “Tochnit” tab each day.

For tzevet and parents, short Torah videos will be uploaded daily, sent to us from Camp Stone family, friends and fans from all across America and from Israel. Today’s videos are from Shayna Goldberg, Yoetzet Halacha in Gush Etzion and Mashgicha Ruchanit in Migdal Oz and from Rabbi David Katz, head of MMY (a seminary in Jerusalem) Hear about their connection to Machane Stone and be inspired by their Torah – just click on the Beit Midrash tab and then on tzevet and then on “Lightening Rounds”.

Today at 9:00 pm EST, tzevet in camp, tzevet across America and parents can hear a live Zoom shiur with YU Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Jeremy Weider who spends two weeks in camp each summer, teaching our Beit Midrash as well as all of tzevet with his very engaging and relevant daily shiruim. Today’s topic: Making a Minyan and Answering to Berakhot Over Zoom. You can hear the shiur after too – enjoy!!  All material/videos will be up on the website. The full schedule of Tzevet shiruim for the week is posted there, under the Beit Midrash tab (tzevet). Great speakers and topics are coming up – each night at 9:00 pm and Sunday at 11:00 am. 

Back to the chanichim…each and every morning at 9:45 there is a very fun radio show hosted by our very own Aliza Makovsky and Josh Polster – check it out under the Amphitheater tab. It is called “Boker Tov Sugar Grove” and your kids will love it!

Today, in Indoor World, the chanichim will be able to choose from many activities known as Chugim- all sorts of games, discussions and DIY projects and they will have their bunk time and night tochnit as well!

It is the FIRST day of Indoor World and I am exhausted!! Have fun exploring the website and watching your children connect to their camp friends, to these dedicated tzevet and hadracha and to the inspiration and fun they look forward to each summer.

Yasher Koach again, everyone! We are certainly facing this challenge with positivity, “can do” spirit and lots of cooperation and creativity!

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