Wednesday June 27

DATE: June 27, 2018

Rain, rain go away; come again another day…preferably, after camp is over!!

If you’ve been following the weather pattern in Sugar Grove, PA you know that it was a wash-out today!

The good news:

Kima (wake-up) was a half hour later 🙂

The rainy day schedule that we have ready each day on the back of the schedule was finally implemented!

Everyone had such a fun day doing all the activities and art and sports and music that we can do in our indoor facilities, including of course INDOOR WORLD 😉 Even The Village has covered stations so glass blowing and blacksmithing and brick-oven baking were moving full-steam ahead (of course, pun intended).

Three girls’ bunks had M.A.S.T. (= Meet a Sefer Torah) with yours truly, where we talked about the mitzvah of writing a sefer torah, and then took one out of the Aron Kodesh and looked inside at the beautiful calligraphy, and the absence of any vowels or punctuation or notes for laining. We talked about what a Torah is made of and saw the crowns on some letters etc. Great rainy day activity for girls, who often have never seen a “real torah” before. They had wonderful questions and were so enthralled!

Again, I can’t say much…but there was also continued prep happening for our big musical surprise…

And last but certainly not least – rainy days are great for… “Lyp-Sync battles” in the Chadar Ochel, which many bunks enjoyed!

Kaytana learned about Kriyat Yam Suf (after yesterday’s Color War Apache Race creatively reviewed the 10 plagues) and had to go through the “blue waves” (read: part the blue tarp) on the way to lunch 🙂 #experiential

The chanichim in Kaytana made Chumash covers as they prepared for Matan Torah and then went to celebrate this historic revelation with a trip to Friendly’s Ice Cream!! After all, there IS that minhag of eating dairy on Shavuot 😉

Machal had a really fun “chill” day with a movie and rollersakting…can’t really hike in the pouring rain so they had a little break from their normal rouitne 🙂 And yes, of course, they are sleeping in camp in their bunks and not in the Great Outdoors tonight.

Looking forward to the VERY green grass! As a famous adorable red-head once sang: the sun will come out tomorrow!!