Wednesday July 5

DATE: July 5, 2017

Aaaahhhh…back home!! 

The campers davened, ate breakfast and had shiur at the Chutz and then returned to machane for lunch 🙂

Their shiur today was, again, by plugah group. This time, they covered four halachik issues that arise only in Galut… e.g the two-day yom tov phenomenon and the status of the law of the foreign government.

The campers were able to enjoy 4 peulot (activities) back in camp today as well as have their chugim (electives).

The night tochnit tonight for all of the younger kids was: “Get into bed early and enjoy a good night sleep” and only older eidot (gimmel and daled) had some sports and fun… but it was optional 😉

Thank G-d for the great weather we enjoyed the last three days and for the hard work done by camp staff and especially eidah daled to give the chanichim an excellent chutz- experience.

Tzevet was “rewarded” tonight with a private staff-only kumzits with our musician-in-residence, Yehuda Katz. Rumor has it that Yakov Fleischmann, camp director, made a guest appearance with his guitar!