Wednesday July 3

DATE: July 4, 2019

Everyone had a little extra sleep this morning, post-Chutz. Happy Rosh Chodesh! After a longer-than-usual tefillah in honor of Rosh Chodesh (day 1 of 2) we ate breakfast and then had our shiur about learning in yeshiva full-time after high school vs. combining learning with army service. Discussions like these give our chanichim a taste of the culture and society and all the complex issues that arise in a Jewish state. Raising these “not simple issues” means that the chanichim have a chance to hear many sides of an issue and practice talking out many sides, weighing pro’s and con’s etc. Shiur this session has been very engaging – thanks to Yael and Matthew Lillianthal-Kritz for the shiurim they prepare, as our Roshei Chinuch.

The day was full of both regular peulot as well as some good ol’ shower time to get clean from the Chutz 🙂

Tonight, dinner was served a little earlier than usual. Eidot Bet, Gimmel and Daled were taken to ice skating after, and Eidot Aleph and Vav had a special night tochnit: Boys had a 3-3 basketball tournament and girls had night swim!

Pictures of all of that fun will be up soon 🙂