Wednesday, July 25: First Full Day of Machane!

DATE: July 25, 2018

Today was the first day of camp and it was jam-packed with Camp Stone ruach, experiential learning, and engaging and diverse peulot (activities)!

At Camp Stone, the campers are immersed in learning about Torah and Jewish History in a creative and immersive way throughout the day. Whether at morning Mifkad, Aruchat Esser, pre-Lunch skit, evening Mifkad, or night activity, the theme from the session is presented in a dynamic, relevant, and engaging way. For example, before Shekem (afternoon snack), the campers heard that it was time to conquer the city of Yericho (or the Shekem Shack :)). It was surrounded by strong walls and inside the walls, the king of Yericho was taunting Bnei Yisrael (the campers) who circled the city. Rachav also waited inside, holding out a red string to remind the people of their promise to save her. Led by Yehoshua, the campers circled the walls, carrying the Aron, and blowing the shofar (kazoos). Finally, the walls crumbled and Bnei Yisrael easily captured the city (and got their snack from the Shekem Shack :)).

The campers also had the opportunity to create bunk norms, complete unpacking, and begin fun peulot (activities), including sports, Refet (animal farm), ceramics, swim, and Agam (lake). During last peula, they enjoyed the “Chugim Fair”, where they had the chance to choose between different elective activities that they will enjoy on a weekly basis. There were dozens of diverse choices, including:  horseback riding, frisbee, drama, cooking, hockey, and dance party. The campers are excited about their opportunity to spend extra time on the activities they love and/or have the chance to explore new hobbies.

Layla tov from Sugar Grove!