Wednesday July 12

DATE: July 12, 2017

While Machal enjoyed their day of advocacy for inclusion and free time around the mall area of DC, the rest of machane back in Sugar Grove, PA had a nice regular day of peulot…maybe the last, actually. Lots of rumors are flying around about fun days ahead for all of us filled with surprises, trips and special programs as we wrap up this month. This blogger has no inside info, so you will know as soon as I know 🙂

Today’s shiur in camp was about the brachot we do or don’t say on the hallel we recite for Yom haAtzma’ut and Yom Yerushalayim. The chanichim learned about the different opinions regarding instituting hallel without a Sanhedrin. Tonight, for night tochnit after dinner, we all enjoyed an erev shirah in indoor world. That’s a favorite here!!

And tonight, tzevet is enjoying another chavrutaFest, this time about the various religions/peoples that lay claim to Yerushalayim.