Wednesday, August 8

DATE: August 8, 2018

Greetings from Camp Stone!

Today was another beautiful day at Machane Stone! The campers were engaged in the usual range of diverse & engaging activities. The range of activities includes: ceramics, horseback riding, lake (slide, trampoline, boating), sweatshop (designing their own clothes), high ropes and zipline, 9 square, soccer, archery, soccer, basketball, dodgeball, beach volleyball, refet, swim, cooking and more . . .

Today, the campers watched a skit that related to the topic of Teshuva, reflecting Shmuel’s plea with Bnei Yisrael to do Teshuva in the beginning of Shmuel 1.  The campers were encouraged to write apology letters that they threw into a small pool and then they sang some songs about Teshuva.

Eidah Daled campers continued the experience they had on chutz – learning how to be leaders and responsible for the younger ones in their groups. They led Sichot for their plugot from Chutz on the topic of leadership.

Tonight the campers will enjoy an exciting night activity ice skating!! As usual in Camp Stone, where everything (actually, everything) is presented by a special “breakout”, the campers were surprised with the special announcement at Shekem.

*Machal* is enjoying their 4th day in beautiful Algonquin, hiking, portaging, canoeing, cooking, and connecting with each other.