Wednesday, August 7

DATE: August 8, 2019

Today was a wonderful and active day with the signature Camp Stone wide-ranging peulot in the arts, sports, water activities, educational activities, nature, and more. There are many different types of activities offered at Camp Stone and we will start to highlight some in order to give you a small taste. For example, did you know that Camp Stone is home to a “refet” (petting zoo) with many different animals that the campers interact with and learn how to care for? Or, did you know that one of the most popular sports in camp is 9 Square in the Air? Did you know that several times per week – including today – the campers enjoy “Chugim” or an elective activity that they choose?The busy day was capped off with a special night activity of ice-skating!

The campers have shiur every morning in small groups led by a different member of staff. During shiur today, the campers learned about the relationship between Greek wisdom and the Talmud and the conflict regarding whether one is permitted to study sources or texts outside of the Torah. The campers were particularly engaged by the famous Talmudic story of 4 scholars who entered a “pardes” . . . They were entertained during the lunch & shekem skits which related to the rulership of Antiochus III and IV and were introduced to the beginning of the story of Chanukah.

Machal continued their visit in Washington, DC. Yesterday they followed up a visit to the Holocaust Museum with a visit to the Smithsonian and a fun night activity in Sky Zone. Today they visited AIPAC and learned about advocacy and then ended the night with rollerblading.

Layla Tov from Sugar Grove!

Michelle Sarna