Wednesday, August 15th

DATE: August 16, 2018

Colorwar continued with amazing ruach, sportsmanship, and creative energy!

The campers had an amazing time bonding with their teams, engaging in competitions, and crafting different art projects. Cheering and singing could be heard throughout the camp as Teams Shivtei Yisrael & Am Yisrael competed with high energy and great spirit. Every Eidah competed in sporting events that included Agam, Kickball, Climbing Wall, Football, Soccer, Baking, Swim, High Ropes, Ultimate Frisbee, & Swim.

Meanwhile, other team members worked diligently on their diverse creative presentations which encompass many different media forms – song writing, drawing, crafting, acting, dancing, and stomping. Additionally, each team had the opportunity to express their decorating talents as they transformed the Chadar Ochel to represent their theme. The dining experience entailed a Har Sinai theme in which Moshe came down during the meal to present the Asseret HaDibrot as well a Jerusalem experience, complete with a kotel and shuk. The most remarkable aspect of the creative projects is the degree to which the campers lead the entire creative process from beginning to end.

Each team built a sense of unity as they participated in a Chidon, Tug of War, Team Marches, and a huge camp-wide Apache Race, including a tunneling exercise across a big field and a slushee drinking contest . . . and everything in between 🙂 . The teams delighted in presenting their beautiful creations in the final presentations to the whole camp. They proudly showcased their theme-based Mechitza, decorated garbage cans (yes – that’s really a thing), shelet, and shulchan covers. The Bracha Boards were designed to be updated every day  – and placed outside the Chadar Ochel – to guide campers regarding which brachot will be recited that day.

The campers sang their final songs with great ruach! It was clear that they understood the values of their teams.  They genuinely demonstrated their understanding of the importance of being both loyal and contributing members of a shevet as well as of collective am yisrael. They balanced their identification with their designated team as well as a deep a sense of belonging to the all encompassing Machane Stone community. In short . . .

Everyone is a winner in Machane Stone Colorwar!