Wednesday, August 14

DATE: August 15, 2019

Today was Day #2 of Color War! Both teams – Chachamim & Chashmonim – displayed great ruach and sportsmanship throughout the friendly but fierce competitions. There were many different ways to get involved, including educational and learning opportunities such as Biur Tefila, Halacha Yomit, Chidon, & Shaat Shut. Different sporting events included: soccer, agam, basketball, volleyball, climbing wall, ultimate frisbee, football, kickball, & dodgeball. A highlight of the sporting events is the Apache Relay which spans throughout the camp and involves many campers in various competitions.

Creative projects abound, including murals, dances, cheers, marches, & decorating the chadar ochel to reflect each theme. It was amazing to see the chadar ochel transformed into a Bet HaMikdash! And, we had the quietest meal ever at Camp Stone when there was a silent contest. Color War at Camp Stone is a high energy synthesis of learning, cheering, creating, sporting, & connecting with others.

Layla Tov from Sugar Grove,

Michelle Sarna