Wed July 4

DATE: July 4, 2018

The good news is: the chutz was so fun!!

The bad news is: we got rained out today at 1:45 pm camp time 🙁

We all had to come back to camp, because the hot and humid weather turned into rain.

It was a great chutz, although it got cut short. Enjoy the pictures: )

After lunch was served in camp, we went back to our “regular scheduled program” of three afternoon peulot followed by sichot that were led by the Eidah Daled chanichim (the sicha they were planning to lead at the Chutz). oh, and of course, shower time!!!

Tonight, there was “shira” after dinner (classic Bnei Akiva sing-a-long of Israeli oldies and favorites) and then each eidah had a night activity by itself.

Machal’s planned hike also got rained out, so they visited Gettysburg (a shout out to July 4th) and Friendly’s. Tonight they are camping out in a campground in Hershey, PA and tomorrow they have a fun day at Hershey Park amusement park!!