Wed. July 10 – CW II

DATE: July 11, 2019

Great second day of Color War – Sporting activities and races again but also some new exciting additions: the Chidon (review of the month’s shiurim) and a looooong Apache race with over 30 tasks. So many chanichim/ot were needed! In addition to all these activities, some were busy all day working on the final presentations with Melechet yad (art) staff …

Tonight, in Indoor World, we spent over two hours watching the two teams present a skit, a daglanut dance (classic Israeli culture – a dance with Israeli flags), a team song, a girls’ stomp, a boys’ rikud (old favorite here at Machane Stone) and four art projects: a painted Mechitza for the Beit Knesset, a new sign for the public bathrooms, a holder for “slow shira” Seudah shlishit song sheets and a shelet, a sign made from wood and paint. They put in so muh work and creativity!! They are all beautiful, colorful and great representations of the cities/themes Yerushalayim and Tel Aviv.

Tzevet has been adding to the fun here with their own team and cheers and presentations…and Gan (staff daycamp) kids have been getting in on the pre-meal cheering as well.

It has been non-stop fun here for the past 48 hours…and the winner is… one team has 7, 345 points and the other has 8,046 points!! Drumb roll please…. (hard to wait, right??) Yerushalayim (blue and yellow)!! The counselors from Eidah Daled all hugged and danced before the announcement, and they served as excellent role models for the spirit we have here!! Kol HaKavod to EVERYONE for a very successful and fun Color War!!

We could all use a late kima (wake-up) tomorrow …Here’s hoping!

Machal had a fun day too…at Hershey Amusement Park!

We cannot believe there are only 5 days left 🙁