Tuesday July 4

DATE: July 4, 2017

The campers are all really enjoying the Chutz, cooking food, hanging out and being creative, crafty and resourceful 🙂

They love the ability to gather around their fire pit each meal time with representatives from each eidah, with eidah daled girls and boys as the Roshei Plugah (group). This is the first real leadership being exercised by eidah daled and their roshei eidah, Elisha and Yonina (who prepped them Motzei Shabbat), say they are doing an excellent job including everyone and being responsible. 

Shiur today was done in these special chutz multi-age plugah groups. The shiur teachers went around, in character, acting as four people from the Crusade period, talking to the children about life back then and some of the challenges and unique questions that arose in the jewish community. Each plugah met each of the four time travelers for a few minutes! 

Chanichim (campers) had peulot at the Chutz site, but some bunks also returned to work on their “Village” projects and have their time at the archaeological dig.

Shekem was brought out to the Chutz this afternoon, which was a welcome refreshing and cool treat! 

Yehuda Katz, our musician-in-residence this week, played a concert for the whole machane tonight. Such an inspiring and fun treat!!

Enjoy the pictures – remember the more sweaty, tired and dirty looking your child appears …the more fun he or she is having 🙂

Tomorrow they return to camp, and their first stop will be…showers!!