Tuesday July 2

DATE: July 3, 2019

The Chutz Day #2 lasted all the way until…10:00pm tonight. The rain moved in and the chanichim came home. But it was a looong day and a really fun day, so one more night of sleep outside really wouldn’t have added much, anyway right? 😉 (We never want to let the rain feel like it got the best of us here!)

The children were up bright and early, as you can imagine. Tefillah began earlier than it usually does at machane. Breakfast was quick, followed by shiur. But then…after some time for peulot at the Chutz site, the “never ending breakfast” took place. It is technically the ” never ending lunch” but has kept its name from when it was actually the brekafast meal.

Each plugah (group around a fire pit) receives many ingredients, and then has fun making whatever they can think of! Bread and eggs are the staples. Let the cooking games begin. And nothing like the outdoor air and sun to give them hearty apettites.

Some bunks had a chance to return to the Village area in camp to work on their projects in the blacksmithing, glass blowing and woodworking shops, but all activities were mostly “out at the Chutz” today.

Parents will have more descriptions from your children’s letters and more of a sense from the camp pictures. It was a great Chutz and Eidah Daled chanichim/ot were excellent leaders – and even had the opportunity to lead a sicha (discussion today) with their plugah members. Getting them ready to be staff in three years 🙂