Tuesday, August 7

DATE: August 8, 2018

Greetings from Camp Stone!

The campers enjoyed a beautiful night last night at the chutz site, which included dinner and smores at the fire pit, building a structure out of natural found materials, connecting with their inter-eidah “plugah”, and relaxing and resting. They were treated to a star-gazing adventure by Beni Shiller with the help of his telescope and the beautiful open sky uninterrupted by artificial light. The campers woke up to unexpected rain and returned back to camp for tefila and a chance to sleep in and catch up on some sleep after the eventful overnight. They retained their wonderful camp spirit and positive energy despite the change in plans. The campers were treated to bowling or a movie in the movie theater and Eidah Daled returned to the – wet but beloved – Chutz site for never-ending breakfast and Master Chef challenges – fire-pit style.

Before The campers visited an immersive shiur experience as the field was divided into 4 areas, representing different parts of Eretz Yisrael. In each location, they were immersed in a skit that dramatized a story from Tanach that occurred took place during the time of Shoftim/ Shmuel 1. In Minacheh, Ever HaYarden, they encountered Yiftach who explained his rationale for settling outside of Eretz Yisrael proper. Throughout Israel, they encountered Shimshon the Nazir, Barak & Yael, and Calev & Go-el Hadam.

Today we said good-bye to our beloved and adorable *Kaytana* campers. They all received a personalized Tanach to celebrate and remember the beautiful and impactful stories that learned and shared together.

Layla Tov from Sugar Grove!