Tuesday, August 6

DATE: August 7, 2019

Today was Day # 3 at the Chutz! The campers were blessed to have 3 glorious days & 2 nights under sunny, beautiful, & (mostly) clear skies camping, bonding, creating, & exploring in nature. Last night, the campers gathered for a spirited kumzitz, led by Yaakov and stargazing with different equipment, led by Benji. The stars were extra bright without competing artificial light.

The campers woke up to the warm rays of the sun & davened. They then prepared breakfast & learned a shiur in their plugot. Each shiur was an interactive session in which they were visited by 4 different historical characters who provided – in costume – different perspective & insights on the translation of the Torah into Greek. These characters included King Ptolemy, an average Hellenized Jew, a Rabbinic scholar coerced to translate the Torah, & a modern academic who still studies the Septuagint today.

The campers returned to camp for an afternoon of engaging Camp Stone peulot, ranging from Ceramics, sports, horseback riding, Climbing Wall, Ropes Course, Music, Cooking, Sports, & Slip N’ Slide. Eidah Daled exhibited their leadership skills & stayed behind to clean up. Feel free to remind your children in Eidah Daled of these amazing leadership (cleaning) skills they learned when they return home :-). The campers were relieved that the light rain had “waited” until they returned from the chutz. Even so, it did not deter them from enjoying a full afternoon of camp activities.

We said good-bye to our youngest (and most adorable) campers today as Kaytana returned home after a fabulous 2 week immersion in the magic of Camp Stone & exploration of the stories of Tanach. We hope to see them all next summer in Eidah Aleph BH!

Machal continued their visit to Washington DC with a day full of activities, including visiting the Holocaust Museum.

Layla tov from Sugar Grove!

Michelle Sarna