Tuesday, August 14th

DATE: August 14, 2018

Today is Machane Stone Color War!!!

Last night, the campers divided into their teams for an exciting colorwar kickoff between teams עם ישראל versus שבטי ישראל. The campers were surprised by an exciting breakout involving the very chic Stone bracelets that Yaakov has been distributing throughout the session.

The colorwar competition encompasses many different aspects of Machane Stone, including sportsmanship, ruach, marches, kima & mifkad, & toranut. The Eidah Daled campers are empowered to lead and guide many of these experiences. The “official” Stone Colorwar Guidebook instructs: “Sportsmanship is of utmost importance during Color War (and life).”

Learning and growing is an important part of Color War!! The campers are responsible to present the beurei tefilah, sha’at shut, halacha yomit, and divrei torah at every meal. They are also responsible to answer the she-eilat hasha’ah, a question regularly posted in the Bet Midrash. The teams receive a packet that includes an overview of their theme, including the background, main ideas, and important figures and characters.

Purposeful creative expression in different forms is a big part of Color War!! Each team has the creative opportunity to produce different useful pieces of art that are inspired by their theme, including a song, march, boy’s rikud (“a fan fav”), skit, girls’ stomp, and melechet yad projects.  These projects include a shelet (sign) including a pasuk, a painted garbage can (“Who doesn’t love seeing fun and creative garbage cans all around camp?” 🙂 ), a painted side of a mechitza, bracha board for outside the chadar ochel, and new covers for the shulchan in the Indoor and Outdoor Bet Knesset.

Of course, color war also includes many fun and exciting activities!! The campers compete in many different sports, agam, climbing wall, baking, high ropes, swim, and more. Today the teams participated in a spirited Dance Party! Tonight they will participate in a high energy Olympiada BH.

This is guaranteed to be a high energy, creative, and exciting Color War for all!!

Shalom from Machane Stone!!