Tuesday, August 13

DATE: August 14, 2019

It’s Color War at Camp Stone! Last night after the highly energizing, fun, and ruach-filled song and flash-dance with DJ Raphi, Color War broke out. The two teams are Chashmonim and Chachamim who coexisted 250 years after the Maccabbee revolt. The Chashmonim represent the Hellenized political leaders who centralized around the bet HaMikdash and expanded Israel’s territory. The Chachamim promoted the Oral Torah and are working on decentralizing the Bet HaMikdash and the role of material wealth.

Today the campers enjoyed various competitions, such as the Agam, kickball, football, baking, soccer, high ropes, swim, volleyball, dodgeball, and basketball. Each team also started working on various creative projects, including the mechiza, shelet, decorating the chadar ochel, memes, shiur, cheers, divrei Torah, and more, which are inspired by their respective themes. The campers finished the day with a spirited Olympiada!