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Tues July 12

DATE: July 13, 2022

Color War Day 1:

Today was one of those days where you realize what a gift summer camp is: the weather was stunning, kids were expressing themselves creatively in so many ways, and they were just having fun with friends and teammates of all ages!! Without screens 🙂 You have to see the pictures to believe it!

We woke up at 7:30 and got right to it! A camp-wide mifkad that, of course, everyone was on time for! Points are very powerful!! The kids presented the little divrei torah that are usually presented by Beit Midrash staff – an explanation of a line in tefilah, an interesting halachik question and a halacha that we should know but is good to review. They did great and we can see which chanichim will be our morim in a few years.

Lunch and dinner are times when the teams each get to decorate the Chadar Ochel with an idea that relates to their name or their colors, but breakfast is taken care of by Tzevet!

Today, in shiur, we learned about Kohanim (again, surprise, surprise – everyone was so attentive and on time!) and the Priestly responsibilities and privileges.

The morning was all about Sports: boating, swimming, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, soccer, climbing wall, high ropes…and even baking! (who knew there was such a thing as competitive baking?!)  Every eidah was divided into a game for boys and a game for girls – and then each gender had their own sport they were playing. Chanichim really got involved and loved the competition.

After Mincha, we had some team marches and cute “shtick” led by the Roshei Eidah before lunch.

The afternoon schedule contained a fun chagigah/dance party (points given for talent!), another round of sports  – by eidah and gender – and then a huge camp-wide “machanayim” game in Indoor World. After evening time for showers and team meetings, we had another round of pre-meal marches, dinner, and then a night tochnit of funny and silly minute-to-win-it relay races in Indoor world!  Egg on the spoon and those kinds of races!

Captains from Eidah Daled have been busy all day orchestrating everyone on their team and where they have to be and assigning people to different things that need to get worked on for tomorrow’s presentations. There are a lot of young artists, dance choreographers and songwriters hard at work here! We are looking forward to those presentations.

Everyone needs a night of rest before we go at it for one more day! Color War 2022 Session 1 / Kohanim vs. Chachamim continues tomorrow…




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About the Chanukah Raffle

Dear Camp Stone Community,

It is an incredible feeling to reconnect with everyone once again at the beginning of our 2021 camp season.

We are writing to you today, first and foremost, to express tremendous gratitude.

Hakarat HaTov, literally “recognizing the good”, is an important and fundamental principle in our community. We, at Camp Stone, want to express our Hakarat HaTov to everyone receiving this email for your unwavering support, especially this past summer. Whether you provided financial assistance through your donated tuition dollars, participated in Indoor World, or connected with the Camp Stone community in other ways, together we had an incredibly successful, albeit different, summer experience.

There is no substitute for being in Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania, and this summer, B’ezrat Hashem, we will be back at Camp Stone, in person, in full force.

To achieve that goal, we must continue to ensure the financial success of our home away from home that we all know and love so deeply. The logo on top, featuring the slogan “Stone. Forever.” also features a Ner Tamid, an “eternal flame.” The year 1969, etched into the logo, is the year camp was founded. Symbolically, the overall image represents the idea that Camp Stone began many years ago and must endure forever, always burning brightly, and always an integral part of our collective conscience.

On that note, we are excited to announce that our annual Chanukah Campaign will be a raffle taking place over all 8 nights of Chanukah with prizes for both campers and parents/alumni!!

Please go back to the web page  to purchase raffle tickets and help us achieve 100% participation from our entire camp community!

Looking forward to being in touch with all of you in the near future.


Yakov & Estee, Co-Directors