Thursday June 29

DATE: June 30, 2017

The weather was wonderful last night as the campers all slept out at their various lina sites.  They were all back in camp for tefillah, breakfast and shiur… Today in camp, we learned about sectarianism – big word, right? The campers heard about Jews who branched off of the mainstream tradition, like Tzidukim and later, Christians. They had a day, packed with peulot and with Chugim (electives) before dinner! Some of the Eidot  (divisions) have already found artifacts in the archaeological dig area – shards of pottery, a sword, and a Menorah lamp oil cup. Fascinating!! 

Kaytana experienced Matan Totah today, and they all made luchot. But…just as the Torah tells us: Moshe smashed luchot and so did all of the kids. They had a happier moment at the outdoor Beit Knesset where they enjoyed a special activity we call MAST = Meet a Sefer Torah. The kids (first boys before lunch and then girls after lunch) learned about a sofer, the scribe who writes a sefer torah, the materials that are used, etc Then they took out a Torah, opend and looked inside up close. The children were so enamored by the beautiful letters and all of the detail, including the lines that get scraped into the parchment to keep all lines and columns straight. Great experience! Tonight they played a human version of the board game Guess Who? Ask your children about it…hard to explain if you don’t know the game but so so fun to play “live”.

Machal had a day of canoeing down the Allegheny, followed by a BBQ at their “chutz site” and a Chavruta-Fest night activity. The topic was “Or L’goyim,” and the young men and women of Machal discussed the role Jews play in the world and the reponsibility we have for representing G-d. Sources were handed out and everyone learned in pairs, and then a wrap-up discussion was led by one of the Roshei Chinuch college students, Yael Lilianthal.

Cannot believe it’s Friday again!! The days are so long and busy here, but the weeks fly by 🙂