Thursday June 28

DATE: June 29, 2018

Thursday already?? This week fleeeewww….

The whole camp had shiur this morning about the question: do we care what other nations/people think about us and Israel? Starting with the Balfour Declaration, they talked about what everyone else’s role might be in OUR destiny and plans for Eretz Yisrael. So thought-provoking and, of course, relevant to kids who spend so much timing thinking about what others think of them.

Ok, I can share the big surprise now…we did a “koolulam”!! Know what that is? It was all the rage in Israel this year – huge groups of people singing a song together with harmonies etc. Check one out at

We ALL got together, the whole machane,  and with the help of Jordan Gorfinkel (music producer from Cleveland) and Yehuda Cik (otherwise known as Yehuda!),  created an amazing performance and production. There will be a lot of editing and work by the videographers and Jordan before you see the final version, but you can see pictures in the Koolulam folder 🙂 It was so fun to make and will be so beautiful to watch 🙂

That took the whole afternoon!!

In celebration of their Kabbalat haTorah yesterday, Kaytana had the activity M.A.S.T. today where they were able to crowd around a “real” Torah and appreciate the calligraphy and how hard it is to read! We talked about the unbroken chain we have had since Moshe wrote the first Sefer Torah. They had a full day of peulot and then had a special night tochnit: a birthday party for a counselor, a girl and a boy. A birthday party for three 🙂 They sang, ate cake and wrote birthday cards – some of which were read out loud.

Machal had such a fun day out on lake Chautauqua pontooning (put it into google images…it’s so cool!) and even jumping in and swimming.

We cannot believe we are back to a Friday tomorrow!! Time sure does fly when you’re having this much fun!