Thursday June 27

DATE: June 28, 2019

Our day started with a shiur presenting the decision Medinat Yisrael had to make about when to commemorate the 6 million who were killed in the Holocaust. The chanichim/ot leaned about the idea the Knesset put forth, – the 27th of Nissan because it was the date of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, and the day the Rabanut proposed, 10th of Tevet since that is a day on which we are already commemorating tragedies. Today, Israel has communities that mark it on one and communities that mark it on the other. Most of the chanichim knew their schools use the 27th of Nissan as Holocaust Remembrance Day -Yom haShoah.

Believe it or not, everyone was able to transition into a jam-packed day of fun after that 🙂 Eidah Daled girls had Fire Building (gotta get ready for the “Chutz”!) and Eidah Daled boys had Hakuna Matata…hmmm, look for pictures of that! Other bunks had slipnslide, dance party, baking and beach volleyball, in additon to all of the action going on in the village and at the lake and pool… The amazing week of weather has meant a really ideal backdrop for all of the outdoor sports too!

Before the evening Mifkad, we had our “301” – the optional 301 seconds of Torah in the Beit Midrash about the mitzvah “to love your fellow Jew”

After dinner, each Eidah had their own activity for Night Tochnit – spa night for Eidah Alef girls, a big human “Guess Who” game for Eidah vav, and a Bat Mitzvah party for a counselor in Eidah Gimmel were all just a few examples of the fun everyone was having tonight.

Tzevet was hosted by the Beit Midrash staff for “ChavrutaFest” where everyone learned about the high moral code/standard that the IDF follows. They were all given pita and hummos to hep create the right israeli tone!

Kaytana had a very exciting day: COLOR WAR! The teams were Moshe and Aharon. They had all the standard competitions and races and a special apache race. In the afternoon, they took a break from the competition and all went out for ice cream before finishing the day with the presentations that the chanichim/ot made.

Machal spent the day at their chutz site near camp, having the “neverending breakfast” where everyone has ingredients like eggs and bread and other breakfast basics… and an open fire…and all the time in the world. 🙂 After the breakfast was cleaned up, they spent time playing sports, talking and…writing letters home!! Keep an eye out for the mail 🙂