Thursday June 20

DATE: June 21, 2019

We had a late start today due to some heavy early-morning rains. Everyone had some extra sleep and time in the bunk before Shacharit. But once we got started, we were busy, busy, busy all day! Each bunk had time to work on their presentation for bunk night, where they will present and explain their bunk name (through a song or a skit) and show everyone their sign that they painted. The prep for bunk night was a perfect rainy day activity and gave the chanichim and chanichot a chance to be creative and contribute their ideas and talents. Each shiur teacher spent shiur time today discussing the bunk name and background.

After Mincha, everyone met their Shabbat Chavruta. Each Shabbat, after lunch, each and every tzevet and hadracha member learns with 2 or 3 campers. The campers will often have an idea of something they want to learn, but often they get to know each other first and then decide together. Now that every chanich and chanicha know his/her chavruta, they are very excited for that post-lunch session on Shabbat day 🙂

Kaytana learned about Yitzchak and Rivka today and talked about the chessed tht Rivka practiced. They made challah boards to bring home, after discssuing the merits and memories of Sarah and the role that Rivka played while trying to set up a people/family outside of Eretz Yisrael.

Machal camped out last night and enjoyed a rainy day today too! They went roller-blading and then saw the new Aladdin movie.

Everyone is so excited for Shabbat #1 but first…Friday hikes tomorrow!!