Thursday July 6

DATE: July 7, 2017

Today in camp we declared the state of Israel!!

The chanichim watched the November 1947 UN vote reenacted and sang haTikvah. Shiur was about the mixed feelings of gratitude, on the one hand, for an autonomous state after 2,000 years of Galut but sadness and frustration that Yerushalayim was not a part of it…yet.

The night tochnit tonight was camp-wide, all eidot, playing a game where groups of chanichim needed to find the roshei eidah to get their signatures (they were hiding all over camp!) and each signature represented something found to help them win the War of Independence that broke out once the British left in May. If they got everything they needed, they would all be able to conquer Yerushalayim…yup, you guessed it – the Shekem Shack 🙂

But, alas, they were unsuccesful and the War of Independence was won without Yerushalayim.

Spoiler alert: wait for 1967!

Besides all of that excitement, it was a pretty routine day here with lots of fun peulot, projects in the Village, swimming and conqering the climbing wall, charades, ceramics and even tie dye! 

Eidah Daled, for the third week, had Thursday night mishmar (optional!) after night tochnit. About 30 chanichim showed up to hear Rav Adi teach the halachot of when a mezonot food needs the bracha of HaMotzi! Kol HaKavod to the many Eidah Daled chanichim for choosing to come and learn at night!

And Tzevet had their ChavrutaFest on the topic of “friendship” 🙂