Thursday July 5

DATE: July 6, 2018

Our day started with a shiur about our relationship with non-Jews who live in Eretz Yisrael. The chanichim studied sources from psukim that speak about idol worshippers to the more modern sources that speak about the type of monotheistic non-Jew that lives in our country today.

Once the chanichim had gone through what seeemed to be a normal day, they received surprise news at shekem – as a bucket of ice was poured of the Rosh Mosh by the Sgan, they were told they were going ice skating!!

Younger kids went first after an early dinner and the older kids had the second later shift. Enjoy the pictures 🙂

Meanwhile, eidah daled had a slightly special schedule today as they returned to our chutz site and were able to re-light the wood and have “the never ending breakfast” that was rained out yesterday. With ingredients like bread and eggs, the possibilities kept them busy for a while 🙂 They joined the rest of the camp later in the day…

Machal spent a fun day at Hershey Park and returned via Harrisburg, PA where they davened Mincha with Kriat haTorah, since they were unable to do that this morning. They will be sleeping in their own beds tonight. Big Treat 🙂