Thursday July 12 – Trip Day

DATE: July 12, 2018

Today the kids knew something was up when they saw a schedule that had ridiculous activities like…making paninis with plugah and gossiping with Rav Adi and chasing animals back into the Refet. Ha!

Midway Day!!

The chanichim left after aruchat eser to Midway, the best small-size amusement park, about 40 minutes away!! Rides, bumper cars, potato sack race down huge slides, and a train ride 🙂 An arcade, kosher ice cream and a beautiful grassy area on Lake Chautaqua. It was a fun and bonding way to spend one of our last days together. We had a boat taking chanichim across the lake to Palestine Park at the Chautaqua Institute – a topographical map of Eretz Yisrael that exists on the banks of this summer institute, created in 1874 by Methodists for “vacation learning” for Sunday school teachers. This was our own recreation of The Exodus ship pulling up to Israel back in 1947 (on July 11th!!) from France.  (Google Chautauqua Institute to learn more about this fascinating 750-acre educational center)

After a few hours at Midway, buses took us all for a picnic dinner at Lakeside Park, another spot along Chautauqua Lake! We enjoyed a fleishig meal before “the 9 days” started at 7:50 pm camp time 🙂

Meanwhile, since Eidah Daled chanichim have grown out of Midway, they had their own “big kid” trip…white water rafting!! It is sooo fun and one of THE best parts of Eidah Daled’s summer here.

Machal is out of Algonquin Park and on their way home, b”h!!