Thursday, August 15

DATE: August 15, 2019

Last night, was a close competition with loud and spirited cheering and creative performances. Each team – Chachamim & Chashmonim – proudly performed a Daglanut March, Glow Dance, and Rikud. They also presented their creative projects, including the bench, mechitza, & shelet, that will enhance the decor of camp. It was a late and energetic night!

Today in shiur, the campers explored the sectarianism and the different factions of Judaism that formed at the end of the second temple period. They discussed the important challenge: how do we relate to other jews who are different from us?

Today, Eidah Daled left early in the morning for an adventurous and team-building white water rafting trip. The rest of the camp is ready to board the busses for the beloved Midway State Park, which is one of the oldest amusement parks in the US to operate constantly. This annual trip is a great opportunity for campers to enjoy the rides, their friends, and the delicious picnic lunch. The campers will then enjoy dinner together in a different park.

Have a great day!

Michelle Sarna