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Thurs June 27

DATE: June 28, 2024

Our shiur today focused on Rashi – his commentary on both Chumash and Talmud – and the Baalei haTosafot, the “tosafists”, and their commentary on Talmud. For the older bunks the shiur teachers could speak about all of it! They taught Rashi’s comment in בראשית where he speaks about his goal for his commentary and some looked at a page of Gemara to see how Rashi and the baalei haTosafot provide different kinds of commentaries. The younger chanichim stuck with Rashi and the lessons he gives us, through the midrashim he chooses to share in chumash. They went over the values we learn from some famous Rashi’s – for example, Hashem’s love for Bnei Yisrael or hakarat haTov, acknowledging when someone does something good for you. This was all slightly familiar information for the chanichim, from their learning in school, so it was fun to speak about it in the context of this period of Jewish history we are studying.

As shabbat nears, the cleaning in the bunk houses gets a bit more serious. Tomorrow it will be sparkling for “bedikah”  – the friday afternoon check by the Roshei Moshava. A winner is selected each week from Banot bunks and Banim bunks, and then they receive special ice cream from the kosher Dairy Queen nearby!

We had a beautiful day with all of our regular peulot as well as all activities in the Village up and running. One girls’ bunk and one boys’ bunk (from the same eidah) every day have Toranut, i.e. it is their turn to set up before the meal, serve and refill during the meal and take out garbage bags after the meal. Yes, your children are doing that here in camp 🙂 They play music and enjoy some fun bonding time. The tzevet “does toranut” for Friday night and Shabbat lunch and the Mishpachot (the few adults in Machane who have supportive roles and admin roles) have their toranut for Seudah Shlishit.

Night tochnit (activity) was a camp-wide game that played off of the morning’s shiur. The Roshei Eidah (division heads) will often create a night activity that relates somehow to the content of the shiur. Tonight, the game was about interpreting (get it? Because of the interpretations of Rashi and Tosafot). Someone gets a prompt, draws a picture and then the next person has to guess the prompt. A sort of win-lose-or-draw activity. After the night tochnit, Eidah Daled was given the opportunity for extra learning tonight, with a mishmar (optional) – Thirty chanichim came to learn about Tehillim perek 30 that David haMelech wrote and which kicks off our Psukei d’Zimra every day. They had great ideas about what the poem means and what our intentions should be each morning, They enjoyed a special treat of kugel and (real! fleishig!) cholent after.

Kaytana learned about Bnei Yisrael’s 40 years in the desert and how hard the unstructured time was for them. They had a bunch of fun peulot today like karaoke, time with bunnies, slip n’ slide and making shrinky dinks. One kaytana chanicha told me she passed her swimming test!!

Machal spent the day….hiking! We will see them tomorrow night at mifkad before Shabbat 🙂

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About the Chanukah Raffle

Dear Camp Stone Community,

It is an incredible feeling to reconnect with everyone once again at the beginning of our 2021 camp season.

We are writing to you today, first and foremost, to express tremendous gratitude.

Hakarat HaTov, literally “recognizing the good”, is an important and fundamental principle in our community. We, at Camp Stone, want to express our Hakarat HaTov to everyone receiving this email for your unwavering support, especially this past summer. Whether you provided financial assistance through your donated tuition dollars, participated in Indoor World, or connected with the Camp Stone community in other ways, together we had an incredibly successful, albeit different, summer experience.

There is no substitute for being in Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania, and this summer, B’ezrat Hashem, we will be back at Camp Stone, in person, in full force.

To achieve that goal, we must continue to ensure the financial success of our home away from home that we all know and love so deeply. The logo on top, featuring the slogan “Stone. Forever.” also features a Ner Tamid, an “eternal flame.” The year 1969, etched into the logo, is the year camp was founded. Symbolically, the overall image represents the idea that Camp Stone began many years ago and must endure forever, always burning brightly, and always an integral part of our collective conscience.

On that note, we are excited to announce that our annual Chanukah Campaign will be a raffle taking place over all 8 nights of Chanukah with prizes for both campers and parents/alumni!!

Please go back to the web page  to purchase raffle tickets and help us achieve 100% participation from our entire camp community!

Looking forward to being in touch with all of you in the near future.


Yakov & Estee, Co-Directors