Thurs. July 11

DATE: July 12, 2019

We needed to sleep in!! And some of us did…but not Eidah Daled – they were out of Machane by 5:00 a.m. To celebrate their success as leaders in Color War, they went on the much-anticipated “eidah daled white water rafting trip” and were so excited for it!! They love to be given special experiences (like the midnight hike) and this one is so fun, adventurous and beautiful!! On the way back to Sugar Grove, they stopped in Pittsburgh for pizza 🙂

The rest of machane – Eidot Aleph through Gimmel went to…Midway!! Our small humble amusement park nearby is all we need for a fun day of rides, arcades and …. memories!! They ended their trip day with dinner in a park, and everyone enjoyed spending time together as Tuesday draws near 🙁

Machal went to Penn’s Cave for a special cave tour in boats – so cool!! They followed that up with a AA baseball game in Eerie, PA.

Tomorrow is our fourth Friday!! That means tomorrow night is our fourth inspiring, musical, bonding Kabbalat Shabbat Tefillah – and they keep getting better and better each week 🙂 We are all looking forward to these last few days together.