Sunday July 9

DATE: July 9, 2017

Yes, the rumors are true!! Color War is here… Bira (blue and yellow) vs Mikdash (red and black) Day 1 was busy and fun and…sunny!! 

Breakfast was set up by our tzevet (known as Team Avacado…don’t ask!) but breakfast and lunch had to be set up creatively and served by Team Mikdash and Team Bira, respectively. This gave them the morning to plan 😉

After regular daily shiur, the teams had time for team meetings.  And then…let the games began!! Each eidah, by gender, had to compete team against team. They played soccer, volleyball, dodgeball, football, kickball and had swimming races. 

Team marches preceded lunch, with a few fun and creative cheer-offs led by the roshei eidah and roshei moshava before we all went in to eat. After mincha and some menucha, there were more sports. 

This evening, after team meetings, marches again before dinner, and maariv the whole machane went to Indoor World to enjoy the traditional Olympiada with silly, zany and hysterical relay races!! 

Everyone get some sleep tonight, because tomorrow is going to require lots of energy, team spirit and creativity. The teams are spending time painting, writing a song, practicing a dance and getting ready for many more presentations which will all be tomorrow night. 

Machal, meanwhile, has left us again, on their way to washington DC to do some advocacy for Inclusion… They began their trip with a stop at the nearby Corry, PA cemetery and discussed community (what creates it, what maintains and what destroys it). They moved on to Pittsburgh, a few hours away, and rented bikes for a fun afternoon. Some Machal chanichim did not know how to ride bikes, but the shop owner taught them! They are sleeping in Pittsburgh tonight – thank you to Sha’arei Torah for their hospitality 🙂