Sunday, July 29

DATE: July 30, 2018

Today was Bunk Day at Camp Stone!

Aligned with our theme of “Settling Israel”, each bunk is designated as a different shevet. Today, each bunk had the opportunity to explore their shevet and create signs, songs/ skits, and a flag that represents their bunk’s shevet. Tonight at the “big reveal” each bunk presented and displayed their creative representations to each other.

The theme of settling the land was explored through the re-enactment of the story of the שופט (judge) אאֵהוּד בֶּן־גֵּרָ

who strategically killed Eglon, the King of Moav, because he was left-handed and hid the sword by his right thigh, where it was undetected. The campers had to pass through a “Moabite Kingdom Sword Check-point” on their way into the Chadar Ochel for lunch – which only inspected their left side. They were hosted for lunch by King Eglon and excitedly watched his incredible defeat by Ehud.

We had a full day of activities, throughout the sunny morning which was followed by some rain – which did not dampen the incredible Stone Spirit. The campers enjoyed a wide range of activities – including sports (soccer, kickball, 9 square, hockey, basketball, gaga, beach volleyball, dodgeball . . .and more!!), dance, lemonana (from our own herbal garden), improv, cooking, animal farm, ceramics, tractor rides, high ropes & zipline, and Agam.

Today was the launch of Chugim. The campers enjoyed their choice of fun and diverse activities – including archery, horseback riding, dance, and so many more.

We also enjoyed the exciting launch of The Village!!! Can’t wait to share the incredible range of activities and creative outlets the campers will be enjoying in this very special part of camp – all connected to the theme of settling Israel. Stay tuned . . .

The Kaytana enjoyed a spirited and immersive day – including many sports and mud-sliding 🙂 The kids participated in Yitzchak & Rivkah’s wedding – the campers sang, danced to a live band, had a glow-light dance party, and finished with a cake-fight.