Sunday, July 2

DATE: July 2, 2017

Campers had a full day of peulot under clear blue skies – something we do not take for granted this summer 😉

Shiur focused on the way Jews needed to figure out ways to hold on to Jerusalem in their hearts, in their prayers, and with some practices that are “in rememberance” of the Mikdash, but they also had to move on and set up ways to keep doing mitzvot and serving Hashem in galut. 

Night tochnit was per eidah and sometimes per gender. There were talent shows, quidditch games, basketball games and trivia games. Hopefully we tired them out!

Kaytana had an amazing last full day of activity (tomorrow will have to include some packing)  – they went to Midway amusement park about a half hour away. Right on Chautauqua Lake, Midway has rides, mini golf, bumper cars, a train ride and…kosher ice cream!!

Machal left for Algonquin, which means they will be hiking, sleeping out and boating all week in this beautiful park in Canada.