Sunday July 14

DATE: July 15, 2019

Shavua Tov! Our last Shabbat together was perfect in every way – full of ruach, dancing, singing, tefillah, fun and games and learning. It has been a very exciting and memorable last “real day” here at machane. The big news from here is that Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin have worked out a plan for peace!! We saw it ourselves (and so will you in the camp pics) when Sadat stepped out of his limo to come here from Egypt and meet with Begin. It was a very special moment in Jewish history and we witnessed it…right before lunch 🙂

All day we had our Stonewear sale going strong- each bunk had a chance to come and buy their Stone swag – sweatshirts, t-shirts, sweatpants, flannels, zip-ups, dry fits, water bottles, hats and even pop sockets (for those phones they will be getting back soon!) Tonight’s mifkad had many many chanichim in their new clothes and looking so happy!

After dinner tonight, we all watched a video, in the Chadar Ochel, that all of our Roshim made with the help of our Chan staff (the music and dance staff – named for the Chan theater in Jerusalem) We will send out the link soon. It was made in the same style as a very famous Israeli song/video put out this year in honor of yom haAtzma’ut – whose tune (and some words) we sang all summer as our “shir machane” this month. Your children will be singing it in their sleep on Tuesday night, so listen closely.

Tonight’s night tochnit was a big carnival celebration in honor of the Peace Accords signed with Egypt! Bouncy rides, popcorn, etc is a great way to celebrate the beginning of “peace with our neighbors” that we are anticipating, here in the late 70’s 🙂

Machal had a fun last day as well; they went biking and had a camp fire at their Machal site. While all of the campers were having their regular hikes on Friday, Machal was involved in a significant and inspiring chessed. They all spent some time in the Corry cemetary neraby (which they visited last week, before DC) and cleaned up the grounds and some grave stones. Kol haKavod!

Tomorrow will be sad as we pack our bags and start our goodbyes…We all feel that pit in our stomachs, as we bid farewell to this amazing experience we all had watching (and living it out ourselves!!) as our nation settle in to our homeland, after 2,000 years.

The Chanukah Raffle is under construction. Stay tuned…