Shabbat + Sunday, August 17-18

DATE: August 18, 2019

Shabbat at Camp Stone was full of ruach, food, singing, cheering, dancing, learning, & hanging out with friends. The highlight of shabbat was the camp trivia, uplifting & spirited singing, followed by the intense Slow Shira during Seudah Shelisheet. The campers especially erupted in powerful singing & cheering when they sang the Camp Stone song, which is aptly connected to the song Nachamu! It was incredibly meaningful for the whole camp to join together as a Machane, a beautiful community, and to appreciate the incredible friendships, growth, ruach & experiences they’ve shared over the past month together.

After more singing, dancing, and cheering at an inspiring musical havdallah, the campers enjoyed fun night activities, including sports & swimming. Eidah Aleph had a creative peula that included challenges to measure different structures in camp with bananas, followed by a banana split ice cream sundae party. A special night activity highlight – with high energy and cheering – was the epic Machal versus Daled basketball competition. Machal enjoyed a strong victory!

During shiur, the campers discussed the future of the Jewish people after the destruction of Bet HaMikdash. There was a debate over how to respond to the tragedy of the destruction & their next stage as a people. Rabbi Akiva advocated for rebuilding the Bet HaMikdash and waiting for Mashiach while Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zakkai advocated for reimagining the identity of the Jewish people as centered on Torah Shebeal Peh, & Halacha. Who do you think won the debate?

Today the campers are enjoying their last full day of their favorite camp peulot, including the Agam, High Ropes, Swimming, Refet, Sports, and the interactive peulot in the Village. During lunch, the campers enjoyed their annual Stone ritual of playfully throwing their Roshim and the Directors into the Agam as they all watch and cheer!

I’m sure you are looking forward to seeing your children soon as well as enjoying some of the beautiful creations they have worked on. You will receive a description of all of the stations in the Village and how they connect to the theme of the session. Here is a brief overview (for those who can’t wait 🙂 ) : the village is designed to reflect the City of Tyre, a port city in the Mediterranean during the historical time period of tochnit, with stations that include matzah baking, tie dying with actual techelet from snails, glass blowing & blacksmithing workshops to create an original chanukiah, & wood working to create a matchbox. They also visited the Planetarium and learned about Greek astronomy & the zodiac and their relationships with Jewish culture, especially the work of Archimedes. The campers also visited a Greek Symposium (in a structure in the woods that was decorated & designed to reflect the actual experience), with a ritual meal, special foods, Greek games & a philosophical discussion. The symposium served as the template for the Pesach Seder.

Tonight the campers will enjoy an exciting carnival!

Machal is spending a fun-filled group bonding day in Cleveland and will be enjoying a jam-packed day of – Mitchell’s ice cream, pizza, whirleyball (a hybrid of go-karting & lacrosse), laser tag, & bowling, followed by a delicious BBQ at the park.

Sending love from Sugar Grove!

Michelle Sarna