Opening Tochnit!!

DATE: June 19, 2019

The counting down is over! Your children were so excited to get off those buses and find their counselors. Moshevet haMedina has begun! We will be learning about, and then experiencing, the period in Jewish history between 1948-1979. Our Roshei Moshava, Zoe and Aryeh, greeted the campers from atop The Kastel, a fort that Haganah took over in 1947. They gave everyone the good news that the Jews were about to create the State for which they had been waiting for the last 2,000 years. Each Eidah visited 5 stations that gave them an experience related to this new country:

  1. The Shuk – our favorite place to go for snacks (in this case: a granola bar and apple slices…and of course the more Israeli gummies and bisli)
  2. Some “military training” with some challenging obstacles to get through.
  3. The “intake office” for all new people to get a name tag and have their picture taken and give in any medications they have on them.
  4. Watching the U.N. vote and then celebrating with live music and dancing!!
  5. Helping to bring water from the Northern area to the Negev by building a pipe together and then getting water to travel from the igloo to the big container – in our world that would be “from the Northern Galil to the Southern deserts”

We davened Mincha together and then had dinner – a very delicious first meal in camp with everyone eating until they had all their energy back.

Tonight is about unpacking and bonding for each bunk. The chanichim and chanichot are so happy to be back and excited to unpack and get started.

Kaytana began with a “Lech Lecha” trip with Avraham. This youngest bunk will have their own period in Jewish history that they will be covering: from Avraham through the Jews’ entry into Eretz Yisrael. They had dinner on their own, in their smaller Chadar Ochel, and spent the evening settling in and getting to know one another.

Machal will spend the night here and head out tomorrow. Many exciting adventures await them!

This staff is ready. They have been training and prepping for almost a full week and are excited to put everything into practice.

Looking forward to a fun, educational and inspiring month!