Monday – Tuesday, August 19-20

DATE: August 20, 2019

The campers are on their way home!!! Throughout the summer, many campers and counselors say “Stone is my happy place” or “I look forward to camp the entire year.” We cherish this time with your children, the opportunity to engage with them in a community of ruach, learning, exploration, creativity, adventure, leadership, & growth. We hope to see everyone next summer! Please see below for a recap of the end of camp. We’re certain your children will be overflowing with memories to share when they return.

On Sunday night, the campers enjoyed a fun carnival with inflatables, popcorn, & Stone bracelet giveaways. The carnival was inspired by Rabbi Yohanan Ben Zakkai finally receiving permission to relocate to Yavne where the Torah she-Beal Peh flourished! As in the story, throughout the day Rabbi Yochanan had feigned death and was carried in a fake coffin to different peulot, asking the campers if they had seen Vespesian, the Roman ruler, who would ultimately grant him permission to relocate to Yavneh. For more context on this interesting and significant story, kindly see here.

On Monday, the campers spent the morning engaging in their final peulot and then spent the afternoon packing. The said goodbye to their shiur teachers, all staff from our Beit Midrash or staff from other anafim in camp (lifeguards, a Sports counselors or Art teacher or Village staff). These 17-20 year olds have been role models and older mentors.

Last night the campers enjoyed a spirited dinner and final night tochnit. Then they had a camp-wide sleepover (without much sleep 🙂 ) with bonding and schmoozing and remembering all the fun they have had! Each Eidah joined together for movies and hanging out.

The morning began with Shacharit bright and early clean-up, breakfast and our last mifkad! It is a beautiful send-off each year and the tears flow freely as everyone will say “goodbye for now”……

We are so grateful for this past month’s fun, learning experiences and friendships and really can’t wait to see your children again in…11 months!!

Wishing you a year of health, growth, & joy from Camp Stone!